Journey Towards Health

Our facilities include the latest in advanced medical science equipment along with holistic and traditional healing tools, all designed to expedite and illuminate your path to health.

External factors play as significant a role in your overall health as internal ones. Placing equal importance on all aspects of your wellbeing, we procure the latest advanced medical equipment along with traditional healing implements that have withstood the test of time. Embark on your journey towards optimal health, with the finest resources to guide you.

VitalLife Scientific Wellness Clinic

VitalLife, a trusted partner of world-renowned Bumrungrad Hospital, provides an array of modern technologies to create hyper-personalised treatments designed to restore and optimise your health.

Holistic wellness center

At RAKxa JAI, we bring together revered traditions of healing and teachings that underpin some of today’s most trusted methodologies.

Medical Gym

RAKxa's Medical Gym draws upon technology, functional medicine and the science of movement to tailor holistic exercise routines for you.