Decoding your genetic health risks and start right with personal advanced & Holistic medical guidance to lifelong wellbeing.


  • Health and wellness consultation
  • Wellness doctor consultation
  • Functional fitness assessment
  • Accommodation in Garden Villa
  •  Three wellness cuisine meals 
    per person and per night 
  • One time tea break per day
  • Two Holistic Treatments at RAKxa Jai and RAKxa Gaya
  • Two Medical Treatments at VitalLife
  • Complimentary minibar in villa
  • Complimentary daily fitness and leisure activities
  • Complimentary use of water therapy suite including vitality pool,
    stream room, herbal stream, chill shower and cold plunge pool


  • DNA Screening Lab Test

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A Deeper Understanding of Your Health

Throughout your Discover RAKxa stay, you will be offered tools that support your journey towards optimal wellness. These include health and wellness consultations, three anti-inflammatory meals per night of stay, restful accommodation as per your selection and the specific treatments listed in your programme.

A Foundation for Better Health

The Discover RAKxa package can serve as a foundation for other individualised packages that you may choose for your next stay at our wellness sanctuary. Reconnect with yourself on the deepest level and set your journey to wellness in motion.

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