Cleanse the body, calm the mind. A course designed to heal from the inside out.

Tailored specifically to you, this package supports your body’s natural detoxification process, helping to eliminate external and internal elements that can harm you now or in the future. We fuse innovative technology, traditional Chinese and Thai massages and medicines, natural Ayurvedic remedies, spiritual healing and mindfulness practice for an all-round detoxification of body and mind.


7-night programme or 10-night programme


  • Calm the mind
  • Reveal toxin levels
  • Eliminate harmful toxins
  • Enhance body’s immune functions
  • Reduce effects of environmental pollutants
  • Ease symptoms of migraines and allergies

A Renewed Sense of Calm

Toxins don’t penetrate just the body – the mind is also affected. Our package, designed to treat all aspects of you, helps to achieve a renewed sense of calm with therapies that include spiritual healing and traditional Thai massage. Discover inner-peace and restore clarity with RAKxa’s detox programme.

Eliminate Harmful Toxins

Our holistic detoxification package blends innovative technologies, potent IV fluids, nutritious cleansing cuisine created for you, and a range of complementary healing modalities including Ayurvedic remedies. Each element works together to support your body in eliminating harmful toxins. Combined treatments are transformative for the whole body and results include enhanced immune function, reduced allergy symptoms and improved alertness.

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