How to Get a Toned Body After 40

Slimming Technology at RAKxa Wellness

As many approach their 40s, both men and women may notice changes in their bodies as a result of aging. These changes can include graying, thinning and loss of hair, sharper wrinkles, dull skin, as well as the accumulation of unwanted fat.

These physical changes are the result of a natural aging process that includes a lowering of metabolism and a changing level in the production of sex hormones. As a result, self-care or extensive therapy should be practiced using a holistic approach based on the comprising health factors – including taking care of both inner and outer beauty which function in tandem to produce holistic well-being.

Many people strive to maintain a toned body over the age of 40, along the way learning that putting in the same amount of effort as before does not provide the same results when it comes to exercise and nutrition. As a result, modern medical slimming technology, including exercise technology that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate the nerves of the muscles, is available to help with the slowdown of metabolic efficiency.

At RAKxa, we utilize a medical device that leverages the same slimming technology as the Tesla Former to deliver slimming results that mimic exercise. It can stimulate muscle contractions up to 50,000 times in 30 minutes, making it ideal for those who are unable to exercise due to physical injury. It can also help manage the core muscles, which are an important part of maintaining balance. Moreover, it also helps the lower sphincter muscles have a better contraction, which is suitable for those who have problems with urinary incontinence as well.

If you are approaching 40 and wondering how to keep, or how to get a toned body, and are interested in slimming technology, contact RAKxa Wellness today.

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