The Importance of Gut Health on Your Mood and Wellbeing

You might have heard about having “good gut health,” but what’s the true meaning, and the importance of gut health?

According to Dr. Nilarat Narula, RAXka’s anti-ageing physician at the VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center, good gut health is essentially having a healthy digestive system, regular bowel habits and movement, no bloating, indigestion, or reflux, and most importantly, a happy mood



Many people are unaware that there is a connection between the gut and the brain, which is why the gut is also referred to as the second brain. As much as 90% of serotonin, or the happy hormone, is being produced in the gut, which is a result of having healthy gut microbiota.


The microbiomes are the organisms that reside in our body, which are mostly bacteria, viruses, fungus, or even protozoa as well. However, our gut has both good and bad bacteria, and the balance between these two is very important for gut health.


Gut health is something that must be maintained by a healthy lifestyle, which entails being mindful of what you consume since “you are what you eat.” Eating a variety of foods that contain a variety of strains of the microbiome is the key. For example, Kimchi, coconut yoghurt, and sauerkraut are high-fibre and probiotic foods that can help improve your gut health. Sprouts help to kill bad bacteria in your gut, and healthy fats and proteins like chia seeds and Omega 3 are beneficial for an anti-inflammatory diet.



At RAKxa, we have both holistic and medical professionals working together to improve the gut health of individuals. VitalLife’s medical approach includes administering a food intolerance test to identify food categories that cause inflammatory reactions in the stomach. Next, a basic intestinal profile will assess the microbiota in the gut and treatment will be provided based on results. The intravenous treatment is an effective approach to improving gut health by delivering certain beneficial vitamins and supplements.

VitalLife works closely with holistic clinicians at RAKxa JAI to help determine whether poor gut health could be caused by high stress or other underlying origins, and treatments and techniques address the root of these causes. 

Experience a new approach to health care with a combination of western and eastern medical sciences to guide your health journey in a precise and sustainable way. Begin the first step for yourself with RAKxa’s Gut health treatment programme.

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